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Las Vegas Escorts

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Sexy College Girls Find Las Vegas Escorts

My friends and I have been talking about the past year as college juniors, we are all over 21 and it seems like as soon as we became "legal" adults, we started experimenting with many of the options available out there. There isn't a college in the world where underage drinking doesn't happen all the time. Some campuses may be worse than others, but wherever you find people our age, drinking happens. So reaching 21 years old didn't really impact that part of our social lives, except that we could drink at clubs and the beach or wherever.

The big experiments were more about sex, and finding out what turns young college age women on the most. Sex with men is fine, that's not new either, most girls get it on in high school or younger these days. Maybe a lot of girls don't limit themselves to just men in high school either, but for my friends and I, we were bored with college guys, everything is always ll about them. Oh baby, you're so good, you're so good. Well actually, Not!

One night we were all cuddling up watching a horror movie marathon in the dorm and Susie, typical cheerleader cute, very social and friendly, started the conversation. "Hey, you know, I'm fracken' sick of the guys around here." We just knew she was about to spring one of her majorly outrageous ideas on us. We kind of sat up a little when she said, "It would be weird, right, if we started being all, you know, lusty with each other because we are forever friends, but I am up for something new."

So a plan was born, and we were all in. We decided to go where "what happens in sin city stays in sin city", the place that has everything, Las Vegas. Only, we weren't going specifically for the luxurious Las Vegas Casinos, or even see the great shows in Las Vegas, we wanted to be pleasured in ways that only women know how to do. No one knows what a woman's body needs more than another woman, right?

Girls on Girls Fantasies

As friends, we do a lot of the same things, enjoy many of the same stuff, but we are all very different when it comes to what turn us on. I love being pampered, massages are my favorite treat after studying intensively for exams. My girls Susie likes being touched, but not so much deep massaging, she likes gentle, sensuous experiences, teased until she can't stand it. Our newest member of the group, Reggie, is into visual stimulation, we thought the best type of Las Vegas Escort for her would be on of the really exceptional Las Vegas Escorts strippers. Georgia is a little shy, she loves watching adult movies, and she says she wants to see if girls turn her on, but she doesn't want to go clubbing with us, she wants a quiet, intimate night in the hotel room, with her own Las Vegas Escort on the cuddling on the couch with her.

This was going to be a great trip because we were all on the same page, we checked out the Escorts Las Vegas style websites and wow, these women had everything we wanted. Smart, beautiful, sexy, curvy bodies with long hair, short hair and everything in between. I really admired how they were so proud of their beauty that they enjoyed showing off their naked treasures to show us what we were in for. s we crowded around the computer screen there was giggling, oohs and ahhs, and even a bit of squabbling over a certain sensational red-head that appealed to both Susie and Reggie, but since we were staying for a week, they decided to each schedule a date with this tempting escort on different days.

Strippers Know What Women Want

When people think of Las Vegas call girls, they usually think they are just for men, but while we were checking out the photographs and biographies of these drop dead gorgeous escorts Las Vegas has to offer, we realized they love playing and socializing, and pampering women as much as men. How exciting to have a girls night out, with escorts in Las Vegas, and then having an after hours party in our hotel room with professional strippers? It just sounded so exciting, we all could barely wait.

Come see the Sin City XXX lifestyle of these girls.

Finally we packed up the car and drove out to Nevada to enjoy our week with the Las Vegas Escorts of our dreams. The minute I opened the hotel room door, timid little Georgia was asking me to confirm our escorts Las Vegas reservations, she was determined to have the hottest, sexiest night with a woman she could imagine. I called the Escorts in Las Vegas number and the hot voice on the other end of the line said "I'll send our girls direct to you at your hotel!"

Escorts Las Vegas Come Direct to Your Hotel Room

This finally hit us, we loved the fantasy of thinking about hot girls ready to teach us everything from hot naked massage to stripping techniques and lots more, but when the woman on the phone actually said the Las Vegas Escorts would be at our hotel, knocking on our door very soon, I was so excited I couldn't believe it. My friends were in a frenzy, showering, dressing and styling each other's hair. I told them the Las Vegas Escorts were about to arrive, we were planning to let them show us a night on the town, celebrity Escorts Las Vegas style! In other words, these sexy women never stood in line to get into the hottest clubs, they were welcomed in on sight. Susie got us a limo so we'd all have plenty of room.

Our sweet shy Georgia hit it off with her date right away and they were off to her room to watch some adult movies. Kisses, hugs and we were all off to enjoy the Las Vegas nightlife!

Surprises upon Sexy Surprises!

This was our first night with our Las Vegas Escorts, they were all so friendly, full of fun, and stunning to look at. All eyes were on us where ever we went all night long! They brought some fun toys for our after hours party like sexy lingerie and massage candles, I couldn't wait to find out what the other toys were for!